Monday, April 11, 2011

look what I can do!!!

Last year I met another mama at storytime at our local barnes and nobles...every wednesday I try to take the kiddo's to hear a few story and give me a break from the house. I always saw this super cute mama there with her daughter, and seriously, I've got to snap a pic of her so you can see her rockin haircut (I think of you everytime Lace!!) its like the perfect pixie. anyways! We started talking and eventually I found out she attends a small congregation here in chico, and her husband is the assistant pastor, they're a church that believes in the fruits of the spirit and believes in reaching the nations!! how crazy is that?!? I never ever meet people who are so on the same page as was so refreshing...and then she mentioned that she attends a monthly crafty mamas night, where her and several others join at a friends house once a month for crafting and fun, and she invited me. Okay, you have NO idea what a blessing this was to me. I love crafts, and I love breaks from my crazy life. And I've so been longing for a friend who could just be my friend. Someone who already had a relationship with God and who understood my purpose in life as well as understood motherhood and loved crafts and sewing etc...just someone sort of like my friend Lacy...because sometimes I just miss that friendship so much it hurts...
So I went to my first crafty mamas last friday (yes, AFTER John was involved in a very serious accident..but he wasn't hurt at all and he insisted I go because I had been looking forward to it for soooo long) and it was three and a half hours of such fun and productivity. Here is the finished project...we used this blog for our example project. And then I used some wool felt and different fabric scraps to make my flowers and off we went crafting away!!! It was so much fun and felt so good to have the time to just accomplish something for once!!!

California sunshine...

Summer is here in chico!!!! whoo hoo!!!!! These were taken yesterday at 9:45am before we headed off to church, can you even handle it? Its already high seventies and sunny skies. I wake up every morning to bright and sunny skies and birds chirping and butterflies flitting through the grass and flowers and every morning I can't shake the feeling that, I. am. home.
It took a year a half, but the transition has happened. I recently went to McMinnville for my little sisters wedding, and the entire time, for the FIRST time, I really felt like I was just a visitor...because...Chico was home. God is truly doing a miracle in this heart of mine.

p.s trying to get Emry to smile normally is like trying to potty train a newborn. impossible. unless you're magic. and I'm not. so enjoy to slew of cheesy grins!