Monday, March 21, 2011

And I'm free....This one's for Emry Adysson.

I have a few songs on my phone that play like an mp3 player and there are some really fun colbie caillet ones, the song "we go together" off of the grease soundtrack, a few john legends...but the one Emry always goes to and begs to listen to over and over and over is...
Tom Petty-Free fallin.
My little rockstar. I love you.
(these boys do a really slammin job. although i sorta want to show them what a shower is and maybe suggest getting rid of the ol' hitler-esque mustache yeah? but all that aside...You gotta see a video of Emry rocking out to this song...I'll try to get one..)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Oh Mailey...Mailey....

(loud shrieking wails from Emry)
Me: whats going on you guys?
Em: Mailey hit me in the head!
Me: Mailey did you hit her?
Mai: Yes.
Me: Hitting is mean Mailey! We never hit!!!
Mai: sometimes hitting is nice mom
Me: Hitting is NEVER nice
Mai: Yes, sometimes hitting is nice for my hand.

okay, seriously. How do you not laugh. I mean come on, I've totally  been there, when someone ( KIDS) is driving you nuts and like you can literally feel your hand just longing to smack them very very hard. ha ha ha...oh my goodness. So I sat there with an incredulous grin on my face for about five seconds then marched her little audacious self to the bathroom to test her theory.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Catch my breath...(WARNING! PICTURE HEAVY!!!)

After having two back to back revivals our family was desperate for some on friday when we took pastor Blanco back to the airport my wonderful husband took us to the Sacramento zoo, where we saw some of the most outrageously awesome animals I have ever seen. Then we went to Old was a day full of magic. I almost can't explain it. It was slow and luxurious, we wandered and explored and there was no time limits or obligations. The town has stayed preserved circa 1950's and it was such a breath of fresh air to travel backwards to a more slower pace and just really take in the scenery. There was actual wood planks for sidewalks, hence the term, "boardwalk". There was old vintage trains, fish and chips, saloons and barrels full of candy...then as the day drew to a close, we ate at Joe's crab of the liveliest most engaging restaurants I have ever experienced..and it was perfect. Absolutely perfect.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Its been awhile...

And there is no good reason..except that we've been wicked busy. My crazy husband decided to have two week long revivals within two weeks of each other. yes, I think I may float off to crazy land. But our first revival with pastor rick bucholtz was incredible. We had 32 in service the Sunday after he ended. It was breathtaking and such a confirmation that God is on the move and our labor is not in continue the momentum, John asked everyone he could think of if they could squeeze in a last minute revival, and Pastor Ralph Blanco accepted the challenge ha ha. And whats incredible about it all, is that; we've been trying to breakthrough into the Hispanic community since we moved here, but have had no luck. And pastor blanco is bilingual and has such a strong testimony, and then on top of THAT, John asked our home church for a last minute outreach team; but they had already obligated their bands to another church but could send a few guys and the church persistent husband called every church around McMinnville to ask if we could borrow a few of their people for a two day shot. And Newport, beaverton, eugene, springfield, corvallis and medford stepped up!!! It was so overwhelming that these precious churches and men would drive nine hours one way to help us outreach and then leave 24 hours later for another 9 hour+ drive....what a true testimony of the spirit of God moving so powerfully in their lives.
We did a BBQ at an apartment complex on Friday night and several received Jesus, and then the next day they outreached and at lunch time we did another BBQ (whats an outreach without the obligatory hot dog BBQ??!) at another complex and several more were saved during the outreach and the was miraculous!! The following pics are from today's outreach. I adore the one of john looking at his sleepy Reagan, and the one of Reagan flashing a cheesy grin? That's her current pose for the kills me.
And isn't the one of Joe with Reagan just darling? I think he needs to hand it out to all the single ladies he meets...ha ha...but of course confirm that he's holding his friends daughter, and he doesn't have random children no one knows about...ANYWAYS! enjoy!!!!!!!!