Saturday, March 10, 2012

Reagan turned twooooooo!

This is a little late, but! Reagan turned the lovely age of two on February 24th! My parents were able to come down for the weekend and we had seriously, one of the most cherished birthday parties ever. I've come to realize that I'm just not a themed, birthday blow out type of mum. I used to really beat myself up over my lack of birthday cake making abilities, the total lack of streamers and matched gift bags etc...but I'm just not that girl. I love a sort of rustic cake, I love earthy, organic little decor, but mostly...mostly, I love just having everyone who I love all coming together and eating good food and having sweet fellowship. And thats what we did, I made a big pot of the best ever pork carnitas (seriously, I just do it in the crock pot and they have never failed me) Add another crock pot of homemade beans, and some flour tortillas and we were golden. Oh! did I mention our very own Lupe made Spanish rice and the most amazing pico de gallo I have ever had, like ever?! yeah, she did.
We ate and it was loud and busy and so warm and just...I don't know, perfect. Then we finished with a homemade tres leches (once again, this recipe is a bit time consuming but absolutely to die for)
I will post pics of the amazing birthday present John made for her as soon as it gets a bit sunnier here. It will knock your socks off...I was pretty darn impressed.
I threw in a few more tribute videos for the little Reaganizer as I so fondly call her. The first is a video we sent John while he was at work, she was being so sweet...I love when she sings "As the deer"....she says "you alone are me hearts..." my little worshipping pirate.
the next one was taken this morning at breakfast. Reagan is obsessed with Annie. As in the musical. She saw it at church in nursery and now sings the Sandy song (dumb dog! why are you so alone dog!) etc, but the best part? when she mimicks a scene where the evil Mrs. Hannigan is putting the moves on a police officer and a little orphan girl mocks her with " kissy kissy kissy" inciting Mrs. Hannigan to scream shut up!
Reagan does it verbatim. And although its not ideal to have a two year old yell shut up...its pretty stinking hilarious.
Here you have it!