Monday, June 20, 2011

This one's a doozy

Mailey and I had the most ridiculous conversation last week...bear with me...its semi-naughty but the end result is so incredibly hilarious. Ah children...they really do say the darndest things.

(Mailey comes walking into the kitchen around 8:45am groggy and complaining)

Mai: Mommy I have an earection (yes i'm spelling it EARECTION)
Me: You have an erection?!?!?
Mailey: Yes mom I think I have an earection
Me: Mailey baby, what are you talking about?! where did you learn that?
Mailey irritated and semi crying now- I have an earection mom stop it!

I just stare blankly at her for a minute wondering how to explain to her why she couldn't possibly have an erection, finally...

Me: Mailey where is it? what do you mean? (insert major effort to not die laughing)
Mailey puts her hand over her ear: I'm sick mom, I have an EARECTION!

OHHHHH MY GOOOOOODNESS! An Ear Infection Mailey darling....say EAR INFECTION! Two words! Ha Ha HA HAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Grammy Zhanette!!!!

Today is a special is my mother in laws birthday.
Its been a tough week, grampy (janet's father) passed away on sunday of last week.The funeral was last friday, John spoke at it, pastor Mitchell did the service and John's father spoke at the graveside service.
I wish I could tell you all about Grampy, and I will in another post, because he was a remarkable man...but his story of salvation really began when a fourteen year old hippie gave her life to Jesus and sparked a fire that changed her father's life.
Happy Birthday Janet. I love you so much. You've been such a dear, wonderful friend. I always wondered what the dynamic of our relationship would be, and I can say so well, you are my of the best that I have. I love talking with you on the phone and ruminating on weird artsy ideas, contemplating humanity and pastoring, I love how much you overdo everything in your desire to make it perfect (and it ALWAYS is). I love how you raised your children and especially the one who became my husband. I love your heart and your spirit. I love who you are to my children, I love the youthfulness of your spirit, the zeal and tenacity you've never let falter. I love how much you love God and how your relationship with him is so evident in everything you do...truly, you are a child of the living flows from your conversation, is heavy on all you do...and I love you so much for that...
Here's some pictures I took of the girl's in the amazing outfits you got them..seriously, how did you pick such amazing shirts?!?! I definitely screamed when I saw the shirts, Its bad, but I did...I love them so much...Here's to you..(your gift should arrive this evening) you dear mother in law o' mine.

p.s. Yes Reagan is chewing on a wisp..they are her current favorite thing, which totally kills me. My toddler is wisping..ha ha ha...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Guess who came to town....?

Oh what a joyful week this has been...two little wild things arrived on the train at 3:50 in the morning on monday, and my the joy that ensued. Mizz Win brought a very special treat, can you guess what it is? It goes perfectly with this 90 degree california weather.... I don't even want to think of friday when they leave us...

  For some reason this picture steals my heart, his chubby little hand gripping onto mama so tight both looking out at the world...myth and magic Aly...its myth and magic to me.