Friday, November 12, 2010

Mon Petit

I bet there's a little girl in your life who would love A PETTICOAT!!!! I know I have two!
 Petticoat baby!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mon petit

In case you wondered how much of an absolute nerd I am? I LOVE this..which means...I'm a major nerd. And proud. whoop whoop.

That's right. It's a fanny pack. a HIPSTER one at that.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Shutterfly Baby!!!

I heard about this incredible offer over HERE and I had to follow suite...
I have never ever done Christmas pictures, because quite frankly...I just suck. Yup, I said it.
But this year maybe that will all change! Because this is an offer I can't pass up!
Wanna try it? Click HERE! Go! Its wonderful really..I mean, I doubt i'll need more than 50 but hey..THIS will definitely give me the head start I need!

The rest of Mendocino

our little americana cabin
 I wanted to get the rest of these pictures posted before I forgot or it got so far past the actual date that you guys all wondered why I was posting pics from 5 years know what I mean...
It was breathtaking. Mostly the cabin and the owners and the story..which I promise to blog about shortly.
here's the pictures.

look at those rosebud lips...(reagan's I mean hahaha)

John and the baby monster


These girls are always holding hands...its so sweet....
look at this handsome gentleman! what a wonderful papa...
This is an incredibly symbolic picture for me...

Papa and his reggae

the only picture of me. taken in the bathroom at a cafe. now lets move on

the outdoor fire pit

It was so quintessential and charming...

This very old and well tuned piano stole my heart.

This was in the town of Mendocino..I haven't a clue whats going on but this statue sits a top a church. Its very avant garde and angel with a pick ax holding the hair of  a praying maiden...?! kinda creepy...

A very old many homes looked like this with hundred year old water towers all over the place

And who doesn't need a good windmill pic?

Did it charm you like it did me? I will try to explain the significance of the family we met...this is a place we hope to return to time and time again when we need a reprieve. In fact, the couple staying there asked if our entire family could come for christmas...what do you think grammy zhanette? wouldn't that be amazing? Christmas in the wooded oceanic town of Mendocino, with smoke curling out the top of sleepy cabins, and trees and deer all around...oh! be still my heart!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

A couple of Nerds and a baby

As we were rushing trying to run out the door to make some errands before the pre-nap meltdown; I yelled at the kids "get dressed! I don't care what you wear just make sure you're covered up!!!" Have you ever been there? You've spent the entire morning telling them to get ready! and then go back to their room over and over to find they've gotten distracted mid-undress, or mid-dress and started playing half naked?!!? It drives me mad! And this morning was no finally, I got Reagan up and ready and told them to go to the door to get shoes on, when I came out...This is the lovely sight I was met with. I cracked up laughing...and didn't change a thing, because seriously, how wonderfully adorably NERDY are these girls?!
And then the video is of the ReaRea....She's recently fallen in absolute love with this little doll...its not very pretty (or washable) and I have major issues with dolls that make noise (is it just me or does it totally creep you out to hear a recording of an adult pretending to be a baby?!?) But this melts my heart...she loves this doll..pats its back and kisses it, FREAKS OUT if one of her sister's takes it (is it too soon to start implementing sharing?) and  licks its poor head until I wonder if its very sanitary...
Isn't she getting big? (another side note, Lily is into babies too!!!! Isn't that so cute?! )

Aren't they just the cutest little nerds you've ever seen?!

Now for the video...

Mon Petit

Ohmigoodness. how awesome is this tent?!?!! Its INCREDIBLY AWESOME in case you're wondering. Or perhaps you're just too blown away and at a loss for words..ha ha. And It looks incredibly easy, which adds to the awesome factor..

You can find the tutorial HERE at this darling blog with lots more fun to browse through!
Speaking of fun, and since I forgot yesterdays...Do you love Circus Animal cookies as much as I do? I mean, c' can you NOT?! They're one of those snacks you get for your kids because they're whimiscal and nostalgic, and then suddenly you're popping one in  your mouth, but wait! Maybe a pink one too, just in case it tastes different from the white...and purple....and whoops the bags gone. sheesh. what is wrong with ME!? Okay, thats never happened, but I DO find myself eating them with my kids and wondering why in the world am I, a grown woman (ahem, yes I am thank you very much) eating circus cookies with a four year old and grinning...
Now I can make my own. WHOO!!!

You can find the rather remarkable recipe HERE!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween photos...three days late!

I've seriously slacked off. sigh.
Okay...My mum MADE the girls was incredible. I loved these flower fairy costumes on Catching Fireflies, but, they cost about $60 big ones each. um no. So my creatively genius mother whipped these beauties up and brought them with her. I'm going to try to take better photos again outside, but these were the only ones I got on the actual dress up day ( we skipped doing anything on the ACTUAL day of halloween...but had two harvest parties prior)
Aren't they beautiful?

Reagan had the cutest little tutu and wings but she kept eating her tutu. Hopefully I can get some good ones outside...
okay...this kid poses for pictures. what is UP with that?! She looks like an awkward 10 yr old. ha ha ha

Don't you love the flower in the back!?! (in case you're wondering each costume cost about 12 bucks!)

(except for reagans...that was prolly about 3)

Mailey's was so perfect, totally caught the essence of "Mailey".
and now for Emry...
Emry's attempt at smiling like a flower

Her response to "flowers are happy!"

Aren't they darling? Thank you SO MUCH mama...I can't believe you did this for me! And I had no clue! what a lovely, beautiful, kind surprise. I promise to take better outdoors pics...then they'll truly look like flower fairies..

Mon petit

CHRISTMAS IS COMING! CHRISTMAS IS COMING! okay..I know we still have thanksgiving, and I do love thanksgiving..but nothing, NOTHING, steals my heart and soul so completely like Christmas. It embibes so completely the essence of joy, family and enraptured glee. I honestly get giddy just thinking about it. If it didn't drive John insane, I would listen to Christmas music year round. I kid you not. So psh to all you party poopers who can't stand us Christmas fiends...I'm starting Christmas postings baby!!!
Here's a fun twist on the advent calendar concept...

A baby sock advent calendar from my favorite jail bird :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Do you ever?

Do you ever have a chat with your child in the bathroom, where you re-introduce them to mr. spoon, tell them to sit and wait for you to come back......then totally forget they're there?

As I type, I can hear Mailey in the bathroom behind me singing and talking to her imaginary friends, because fifteen minutes ago I  told her to wait for me to come back and think about what she did while she waited. My where did the time go?!
Hmm....I'm sort of enjoying the peace. And besides, she seems to be enjoying herself as well...perhaps I'll leave her there?
Nah...okay, off I go to rescue her from the bathroom. I think Em needs to go potty anyway.

Mon petit

Have you ever lost your phone...and if you're like me, you don't have a land line to call it you run around like a crazy person..well...I've got the answer my lovely friends..its called I CAN'T FIND MY PHONE. And its free, self-explanatory, clean lined and awesome.