Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lessons in logic with Emry Adysson

If you read this blog then you know little Emry Adysson is quite the practical thinker. No outside thinking for this one.
A few days ago we were driving around town and Emry was staring out the window deep in thought..finally she asked a question and the most hilarious conversation ensued.
Em: "Mom, do squirrels poop?"
Me: "Um, yes"
Em: "Does everything poop?"
Me: "yes"
Em: "Do flowers poop?"
Me: "uh no, plants don't poop silly"
Em: "Then what poops?"
Me: "uh...everything that moves"
Em: "Does our van poop?"
(okay, i'm like really laughing by now, this girl!)
Me: "nope, good point, our van does not poop."
Em: "So what poops mom?"
Me: "You tell me Em..."
(she said this with that total DUH! voice that only children can do)

I mean seriously, it was a battle of wits and I a four year old. It killed me. Pardon the excessive use of the word poop, we don't really believe in good manners around here. heehee!