Friday, July 21, 2017


I received this blog in exchange for a review, and oh my! what a delightful tool this has been. I love the idea of clean, fresh cooking, but am always stymied by the very real lack of knowledge when it comes to cooking with veggies. We all know the basics, stir-fry, mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli, a quick salad, sautéed onions etc...but all it takes is one perusal of the our farmers market and I am quickly reminded of the beautiful and vast abundance, that is our vegetable world, and my utter lack of knowledge. Jenn Louis goes through each vegetable so thoroughly, she provides exquisite photos and recipes, but more than that she EXPLAINS the nutrition and uses of each vegetable. Its like a veggie dictionary if you will. And on a superficial level, this book design is SUPERB. The cover is etched so has texture and is absolutely stunning sitting on my cookbook display (fooling everyone into believing i am a gourmet chef LOL) and the simplicity and minimalism of the photos are absolutely wonderful and clean. I adore this book!!!