Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sewing for Kennedi

okay...sorry about the post overload but so much has happened!! So most of you know, but we are expecting little baby Kennedi february 24th! Another little girl to spoil love and adore, I am so blessed. It seems with each child the anticipation grows and each pregnancy gets sweeter and sweeter. The first one was so exciting but so new and scary that every change took me by suprise and the idea of being responsible for a human life overwhelmed me...then came Emry, my second pregnancy was sweet but having a 9 month old to deal with meant my mind was so distracted...and now here we are, eagerly awaiting number three...I know, 3 kids, 3 years, I must be crazy; honestly though, I have never felt so ready or excited, with Emry I wanted time to slow down, I was so afraid of what 2 children would be like, but this time february can't come fast enough...Im already so in love and really, this ain't my first rodeo ha, I feel pretty good about what to expect. SO! nesting has hit BIG TIME and in the last 2 years I've fallen in love with sewing and making my own things, it just feels so good to accomplish something ha. I made the diaper bag and changing pad from a pattern in Lotta Jansdotters book, "Simple Sewing For Baby" (its an incredible book by the way) and the little kimono tops are from the book "weekend sewing" by Heather Ross. Im so proud of myself! I've pretty much taught myself how to sew and end up guessing and winging most of it so I'm so happy these turned out. The changing pad is quilted on one side and super soft and cozy, the bag is mostly a big pocket with two outer pockets and the first kimono top seemed to big to be newborn so I scaled down the pattern by a half inch and was much happier with the tiny little-ness of that's the results!!


Anne of Alamo said...

those are beautiful!!!
good job learning to sew!!
excited about the changes...aprehensive here...our dear Pastor is going to
but heard superb things about the McGinnis'

Anne of Alamo said...


love Kennedi

Mackenzie Rice said...

dang thats talent! where do u find the time to do that????