Saturday, February 6, 2010

Homemade nursing pads...

HA! I never ever thought I would ever have a blog with that as a header. I feel old. sigh...ah well...I love nursing my babies and it seems to be the healthiest thing for them, and even though I ususally debate giving up for like the first six months, I know its part of God's plan for mothering so I've come to really really love it. However, nursing pads are ridiculously spendy. I made a set of 10 today and love the results!! Yes the flannel is skulls, I had to have some sort of ode to my youth, I seriously felt weird making my own nursing pads, like really, what 23 yr. old does that for fun?! I can imagine the convo, "Hey Sophie this is so and so, we're going out to the mall like normal 23 yr. olds, wanna come?" "I'd love to guys but i'm working on a project!" "oh yeah? awesome! whatcha making"....."reusable nursing pads...." "um, sweet, so yeah, talk to you later"

yeah....ha. but like I said, the skulls helped preserve some of my youth (in my mind anyways)

What you'll need:
1 yard of microfleece
1 yard of flannel (can use an old receiving blanket!)
CD or bowl with 5" diameter

You'll be using 1 layer of fleece and 3 layers of flannel. The flannel is soft and non irritating and the fleece will keep the moisture away from your clothes.
I Cut out the fleece and one layer of flannel in the 5" size, then cut out the two middle flannel pieces in slightly smaller diameters (to decrease bulkiness)
I found that 1 yard of flannel produced 10 pads.
Fold the fleece and flannel in half (to minimize cutting time)
Trace your circles
Cut them out
Stack the layers starting with the fleece then two smaller flannel pieces then the large flannel piece.
Sew a straight stitch down the middle (to hold all the pieces together)
I did all the sewing without ever lifting the needle...just sew straight down then with the needle depressed lift the foot and rotate your fabric so that you'll now be sewing a straight stitch around the entire diameter of the pad, giving about a 1/8" allowance. Once you've completely stitched around, go over the straight stitch with a zigzag stitch (once again I never clipped the thread, just lifted the needle and changed the setting to zigzag and continued on)
Sew the excess fabric (this will prevent fraying)
(I tried cutting a slit down the middle and overlapping the layers to make a cone shape, but found that addded to much bulk for me, but it does have nicer countour)


Lacy said...

You have no idea how much this made me smile! You rock!

Danielle said...

Missed you tonight @ the Mammen's farewell... it didn't seem right w/ your sisters singing w/o you ):
What's your email address? Is it thebeatnikblogger? My adoption blog is but if I haven't invited you then you won't have access - that's what i need your email.

Actually, you can login w/ the following: username: bartonbabyblog
password: bartonbaby

It works for both my blogs.

How are you guys doing? I mean besides about to have a baby. How's church? what's the ups and downs? write me an email sometime when you have time k? Prayin for you! That baby WILL come before your c-section due date!! God cares about these things!! Please pray for a committee meeting on Tuesday for my girls. IT's a huge one!! Thanks! love, danielle