Monday, March 29, 2010


I love love THIS BLOG, and check it often...when my mother in law was here she bought some balsamic vinegar for salads and we had a whole bunch left when she was gone, and I seriously do not know how to use up balsamic vinegar. Although I must say, I felt pretty darn grown up and fancy having a bottle just chillin' in the cupboard. ANYWAY, I saw this recipe in the archives of said blog and gave it a shot...oh my, who knew that a..ahem..balsamic reduction, could produce such yummy results?! first of all, how can you not feel like the coolest chef around making something that includes a balsamic reduction (just boiling the vinegar until it turns to syrup but still...)?
One tip, I have never done a reduction before and almost screwed it up, just let it boil away on high, it will eventually foam up, let it. After the foam subsides you'll have your cool! Also, I uppped the vinegar content to 1 1/2C. It may seem like you wont have enough, but once you stick it under the broiler it thins out and coats the chicken...its very likened to teriyaki but more grown up and fancy tasting :)

balsamic chicken
6-8 skinless chicken thighs
1 T olive oil
1 small onion, sliced thinly
salt & pepper
1 T dried rosemary
1 c balsamic vinegar
6 cloves garlic, sliced

1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees. In a 9×13 baking dish, toss around onion slices and olive oil. Add chicken to dish and sprinkle with salt, pepper and rosemary. Peek in on the chicken to make sure that the onions don’t burn up.

2. In a small saucepan, bring the balsamic vinegar and garlic to a boil. Keep sauce boiling until it reduces into a nice thick, syrupy consistency. Turn off heat and set aside.

3. When chicken is cooked, about 45 minutes later, scrape up all the onion bits from the bottom of the dish to loosen all the yummy bits and then pour over balasamic vinegar sauce over the chicken. Set dish to broil for 2-3 minutes or until bubbly. Serve with sauce heaped over chicken.

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Lacy said...

I'm up for trying some fancy tasting chicken! :) sounds delish!!!!