Friday, July 16, 2010

Mailey and Emry...conference week.

So! Conference was last week, the forty year celebration. Forty years!!! Can you believe it?! And it was one of the most powerful, breathtaking, heart stirring, (add all sorts of marvelous adjectives here) events that have ever taken place in my lifetime. Maybe I'll write about it in another post. But this one is for Mailey and Emry. They spent those eight days with my family, and my, I don't know how soon I can let them go that long again. It was such a blessing for them to see their papa and nana, but my heart ached and ached for them. They got to spend one of the days with Heather and another one with The Gash Girls :) Rainey sent me some pictures they took and I thought I'd share, the really really stunning one of Em was taken by the notorious Joe Gash, its gorgeous so I thought I'd post. (Thanks Joe, you're the best red headed boy ever!) And THANK YOU Rainey and Des, you guys make little children's and harried mama's lives, so much better! we love you!!!


SUNDAY SCHOOL!!! These pictures made me so happy...Mailey misses her little friends so much, and holy moly! they've grown SOOOO much!!!

Taylor :) I miss that little girls darling raspy little voice...look how cute they are!!

Bob the turtle was quite the radical hit! My girls have been begging for a bob the tomato turtle since they got back! I love love love this picture, it totally captures the essence of little imaginations.

Okay, someone get that girl some mousse, or hairspray, or something!!

Ah Mailey, posing for pictures is one of her favorite past times, what a nerd that lovely child is. WHAT a nerd.

THIS is the picture Joe took. don't you just love it?! BEAUTIFUL!!! ( Emry, not Joe ahahaha)

Either this is a very small hat, or Emry's hair is taking over the world!!!!
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