Thursday, July 1, 2010

Why I will NEVER have television :) :)

The other day, We were having pizza with my parents and some relatives I had never met. My 3rd cousin (?) Mike, was having this rather extensive, exclusive, chat with Mailey and then he asked her this:
Mike: "Who's your favorite Princess?"
Mailey: (blank stare)
Mike: "You must know Disney, Which ones your favorite princess?"
Mailey: (after some thoughtful consideration)"ME!"

ahem. let me just revel in this happy, proud, TAKE THAT all you anti, no-TV haters! moment.

okay. now imagine my enourmous grin, and know that I will never subject my children to television and these weird, massive boobed, flowing locked, perfect enough to gag me, princess'. Mailey is princess enough thank you very much. Ah, I loved that answer SO MUCH! thats my girl....thats MY girl.


Patti said...

So sweet! I can just picture her saying it too:)

Mackenzie Rice said...

hahaha niiice mailey ;) from the lips of a true potters house child :)

aly win said...

ohhh ! good ol Miles! she knows all the right things to say :] i can not even wait for lil man to speak ! aw i miss you guys so much. I seriously want to pack up all my fav people, my paper lanterns, lil mans piggy bank, and all our our must haves and come move into a house right near you !!! i love you!