Friday, August 27, 2010

Sophie's Solstice: day one

This week I am at my parents house, getting a much needed break after a tough summer. My plan is to document this week with pictures for John..who could not come...who I miss so so much already. The pictures are in random order, but we met my parents in ashland for breakfast (we left at 5:30am!!) and then headed to Lithia park to play...this was painted on the amphitheater outside...swings and slides, and then running amuck with papa. Then once we were home, Rea immediately began to explore and the older monsters were off to pull veggies outta the garden with nana. insert giant sigh. I'm so happy to just rest.
more to come!
I love you John...I miss you.


TheFoleyFive said...

Hey, I don't know how to leave a comment that's says it's from me...:/ But, that looks like a lot of fun and sunshine. Those are some beautiful girls. They are missing from their beds tonight...oh, well:) I love you and have a great night.

Kelly Marin said...

oh its good to rest... Soak it all up and enjoy! My mom is here all the way from the East Coast and I"m loving it! You're such a beautiful girl and so are all your babies. Have Fun!!!

Mackenzie Rice said...

i la-HOOOOOVE the pic of u and rae! u two are stinkin beautiful ;)

Elindsey said...

I played there all growing up!! My grandma would take us to feed the ducks.