Friday, September 3, 2010

My name is sophie, and I'm a slacker camera went on the fritz and then I just was doing so much I didn't get around to it...but here they are..I went out on monday for a girls night with my sisters. We went to portland where a ve-e-e-ry unfortunate wardrobe malfunction occurred, forcing me to buy a dress because the ones I had been wearing..were..well...unfit for public viewing. ha ha ha. (ve-e-e-ery dry laughter)
That night grammy aka Janet Foley, took the older two. They read stories and ate cookies, decorated sugar cookies, went berry picking and fed grammy's koi, saw deer and had so much fun.
Tuesday I went to the zoo with my dad, and alas, Oregon wanted to show off and poured on us. But we still saw elephants, monkeys and their obnoxious offensive behinds, bears and puma's...and went home.
Wednesday was church and a lovely brunch with Lisa and Marla (but no pics because my camera was spazzing)
then thursday! thursday was delightful, my mum was home, so I went to breakfast with my best friend Lacy sans ALL MY KIDS! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! was wondrous. Then we strolled third and marveled at the fabric at boersma's. Then I went to lunch with the loveliness which is Kaylee G.E.M.M Johnson and my sisters and Pilot Kaela :)
Friday! I went to the beach with Kate the great and conor and was cloudy and very oregon but lovely and sandy and beachy.
maybe i'll just get to the pics already! (I'm only doing the beach ones, cuz i took a million...i'll show the rest later!)
(p.s I miss you so much John...i'll be home in less than 24 hours! are you ready !!!?!?!?)


Destiny said...

Awww sounds like you had tons of fun! i am kinda sad that i didnt even talk to you that much... but next time i guess :D those pictures are awesome

Danielle said...

seeing Kate made me cry. give her my love if you ever talk to her. I am seriously bawling just typing this. i love her so much. I'm glad she finally got to see your babies. precious moments!

I hope you had a wonderful time here. You deserved this break!

aly win said...

that picture of miles like doing the zombi run is def my fav oh gooodness ! i love those girls. One of them better fall in love and marry my lil man.. im dying to be part of the sisters club i mean common.. im almost there! miss u already dear :[

Bethany said...

Thank you soooo much Sophie for this post! I didn't realize how much I miss my McMinville Foley Fam until I saw these pics! It sounds like you had a blast. K8 looks AMAZING!!! :) Miss her to pieces! Well better get back to work... the only way I've kept from crying!