Monday, October 25, 2010


Since we have begun our endeavor into Chico, our family has not taken a break. We've gone to parks and out to eat, but we have not collectively left town and just relaxed like normal Americans. This year has been a great study in humanity and my own weakness...I have been stretched and tugged and shaped into something that is beginning to look like a woman of God. Slowly, I am learning how to be the mother and wife I was destined to be...but it has been a heart breaking, often confusing, sometimes bitter experience...there are no mountains without valleys. And the valleys have almost broken my spirit, have made me cry with exhaustion, and my heart has had to be checked so much. But boy...God is doing a work in this girl.
But I needed some time away. We all did. John's been working 12 hour days, and then pastoring. I've been mothering three small children, mostly alone. And we were starting to lose heart...then, (que the trumpeting, royalty has arrived, music) my parents booked a cabin in Mendocino and whisked us away to spend some time away from work and toil, and to just chiiii iii iiii lll llll.
My dad found this incredible little haven...called Antioch Ranch. It was founded by a couple in the early sixties as a place to bring the gospel to the hoards of hippies...literally, one time they had 700 hippies flood the ranch and Jerry preached and saw multitudes saved. The story is incredible. But the owners were on vacation and so some friends of theirs were standing in. They turned out to be one of the most intensely, radically saved, born again, Jesus was in their every word, type of couple. I have never been so touched. I want to save their story for another post, because it deserves it.
Antioch ranch was the most incredible blessing. No TV's, no radio's, no internet. Just this darling rustic cabin, beautiful woods, and Jesus. Mendocino, the little town close by, was breathtaking...a place where American colonists pioneered, and ships on their way to spain wrecked...the town is full of history and rich with character. Here are the pictures of our babies enjoying this beach town...and us..falling in love with God's green earth...
Thank you Mom and Dad. I felt like I let out the air I didn't realize I'd been holding. How did you know we needed this so badly? blessed us so much. Thank you.
Lets start with Reagan's pictures...don't you love these ones with papa? oh he's so good with kills me.
sleepy little reagan..hung with papa the whole time
mmm...this one steals my heart    
I'm in love with these cheeks!!!
My absolute favorite! smiling at daddy...
Standing at the fence watching her sisters play..soon baby girl...soon you'll be toddling around after them...

Tune in for tomorrows post, featuring Emry!!!

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