Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Que the Mailey Monster!!

Okay Mai's your photos!! Tomorrows post will be all the rest..but today is just for my darling little first born. The tender hearted Mailey monster. She really is such a tender, intense, dramatic, heartfelt little wonder. Mailey has this sensitive heart that seriously empathizes with everyone..literally. I don't think I've ever had her just tell me no and be obstinate about it...Emry, yes. Mailey no. She has such a sweet  passivity to her that really melts me. She is such an incredible help to me at only four years old, and such a great older sister to Emry and Reagan...She wakes up so excited to see her sisters and loves, actually BEGS, to help me. I love you Maizey Mai...She had a bit of a pre-nap breakdown in mendocino and so never got to see the incredible lighthouse, she keeps asking everyday to go tired little mailey bug, you need your naps love, you can't outgrow them yet!!!
She loved mendocino, I think she was more heartbroken than I to leave! Here she is!!!

classic mailey smile..what is WITH these kids?!

One of my all time favorites..

Can you tell she's grossed out? hahaha

Collecting sea glass with nana...

And thats a wrap!!!

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Patti said...

That little girl is so stinking cute, how can you stand it???