Friday, October 29, 2010



Desiree said...

woo hoo! that's awesome..yay!

Toby K. said...

So NO ONE told me! All day long! They say they wanted to see my reaction in person. Bah, whatever :P j/k but I did have to wait all day to find out. I saw everyone run to the porch hugging and smiling, but honestly I didn't even see Illy or Joff, I saw Andrea and wanted to say hi :P so I go up and Illy walks up to me, strutting a huge grin and shows me the ring. I SCREAMED! SO LOUD! MULTIPLE TIMES...Then everyone laughed and I just jumped around with exitemnt for about the next half-hour...Mind, I did have a giant free starbucks (From Miss Al), but I was crazy with excitent. It made me miss you a lot. Me and Andg talked about how much we miss you and how you were probably blogging about the whole thing as we spoke...and you were :P
It's craziness here Soph, pure craziness.

Bethany said...

Congrats to Ileana and Joff! :)