Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Emry turned 3 and Reagan's Bionic!!!

So..this is late late late. Sigh. But on December 3rd, little Emry Addyson turned 3 years old!!! It was so cute...John had that friday off, and so her day began with breakfast with daddy...they got bundled up and headed out into the rain to get waffles at the breakfast buzz.

Then after breakfast they day presumed as usual...then that evening we headed out to redding to run wild at Chuck E Cheese!!! (we have one in chico but I swear its secretly a place where very bad people come to sell things on the black market and shoot up meth..I kid you not.)
Redding has a very new Chuck E cheese and our kids were mesmerized. So was I. By the hoards of people and screaming children. Really. I couldn't even focus. ha.

The obligatory play structure chaos...

Where Mailey forgot to stay with Emry so I paced frantically under the structure trying to figure out where Emry was shrieking for help from..good times ya'll. good times.
And Reagan devoured an entire piece of pizza while staring shamelessly at all the wild things running a muck. 

And sadly thats all the photos I got from Chuck's (you like that? I condensed it ha) because my camera was dead and my phone had a dying battery...yikes...I really need to step up my A-game. (does anyone know what that EVEN means?!)
And then we had a little lunch and cake after church on sunday ( I'd post more, but it turned out to be a pretty sad day..and then a very good one, but not how I expected and I don't care to embellish. sorry!!!)

And in other news! Reagan is bionic. I'm convinced she's like secretly injecting herself with steroids..okay thats gross, but seriously, this kid is SO physically advanced!!! She started walking between furniture and taking a few steps WEEKS before she turned nine months, and then the week after she turned nine months she was off!!! Its weird!! Mailey walked the week before she turned ten months, so technically it was nine but mostly ten if you get what i'm saying...then Emry walked the week of her first Reagan, well, she takes the cake! Here's a quick video from yesterday! She's even standing from a sitting position!!! holy cow!!! this kid is crazy!!! (yes she likes to play with electrical sockets, yes she got shocked last week. no I will not go buy covers for the sockets...I really really can't control the angry feeling that overtakes my good senses when I need to plug something in and can't flaming pry the stupid thing kids will have bad memories from their childhood of being shocked out of their wits...sadly it doesn't phase my cold cold heart.)


Danielle said...

o my gosh!!!!!She's going to be running by the time she's one!!! She's so big! What a doll! (: Happy Birthday Emery!!! Hope you are doing well Sophi!

Kelly Marin said...

Oh so cute! She is such a big girl. wow, and the socket thing I'm laughing cause I could tell a few stories,thankfully my kids are still alive.LOL. I love her big brown eyes!

Miranda said...

Oh my goodness! I'm so so sad!
I've missed so much :( ha
sigh sigh sigh! I miss you guys so much!

aly win said...

ok so this is totally cute ! and whats also cute is ryder watched that video with me and was like so into it ! i think he totally knows its his lil future wifey pie !haha ! jk but seriously how cute !