Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I am begging you to join me.


Are you as sick and outraged as I am? My dear mother in law sent me this video and anything that says expose planned parenthood, well, Im so there. But I was not prepared for how disgusting and blatant this would be.
God help us.
Can you even believe this women? And I can tell you from first hand experience they're like that everywhere. I naively went into one last year to help a girl get a pregnancy test. I was 7 months pregnant and they looked at and treated me like a monster, on top of that they rebuked the young girl with me for wanting to keep the baby if she was pregnant. Telling her "you don't want to do this to yourself, there's no way you're keeping this fetus if there's one there."
It horrified me so much. I will never walk back into one of those clinics again. Ever.
please join the movement tomorrow.
please. please,


Naomi Rice said...

I am so all for joining. I HATE abortions with a strong passion and the horrible scars it leaves with women. If you don't want your baby give it to someone who does want it. Because trust me, I know one very personally. Me.

Toby K. said...

That video made me want to jump through the screen with repulse. She's willing to let grown men hurt these LITTLE GIRLS! Oh, she is so lucky I wasn't one of those undercover people because I would have jumped across that table and done a mighty fine job on her face. Urgh!
I'm totally for joining.

lacy myers said...

Oh my word. That makes me sick to my stomach. What more can we do? Let's take action!

Kelly Marin said...

This is so wicked! Wow. Thank GOd this is being exposed. I have a 3 girls one who is 14,I can't imagine...Thanks for posting this.

Pressed Petals said...

wow, the video is as you as said blatant and then to read the comment from naomi...totally breaks your heart and enrages you. all the more motivation to witnes to young girls. also as a mom og a 15 yo girl, i can't even begin to fathom...