Friday, March 18, 2011

Oh Mailey...Mailey....

(loud shrieking wails from Emry)
Me: whats going on you guys?
Em: Mailey hit me in the head!
Me: Mailey did you hit her?
Mai: Yes.
Me: Hitting is mean Mailey! We never hit!!!
Mai: sometimes hitting is nice mom
Me: Hitting is NEVER nice
Mai: Yes, sometimes hitting is nice for my hand.

okay, seriously. How do you not laugh. I mean come on, I've totally  been there, when someone ( KIDS) is driving you nuts and like you can literally feel your hand just longing to smack them very very hard. ha ha ha...oh my goodness. So I sat there with an incredulous grin on my face for about five seconds then marched her little audacious self to the bathroom to test her theory.


Mackenzie Rice said...

HAHA! geeez ur posts always have me laughin so hard. :) cant wait to see u in a few weeks!!

Danielle said...

ha ha that's great!

Kelly Marin said...

I just want you to know that that attitude will take her far in life(properly channeled of course)I have a little um experience in that dept.(myself....) I did get lots of spankings but boy I do appreciate my strong grit now! Ha Ha

aly win said...

ahhhh that is classic girl ! i love it !

Destiny said...

awww I miss Mailey already D; that is such a funny story though!! She cracks me up (: