Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I did it! I finally got my blog up and moving…the point of this blog is mostly to keep a running diary of our time here in Chico, with A TON of emphasis on how my kids are growing, adapting etc.. but it will include our own lives and the church’s. Anyway.. Here’s some pics of a gorgeous park here called Bidwell, its huge... Like 99 acres huge…the part for the kids is called capers acres, and there’s this wonderful, magical pond called sycamore ponds, its man made and completely paved underneath for summertime swimming, but I love just coming to the boardwalk, sitting on the benches under the trees and reading while the girls color chalk on the sidewalk in front of me…seriously it transports me to a different place…Mailey and Emry LOVE Chico, such grand adventure for little ones, so many new parks and the downtown is always having events for families…oh! And we have a Barnes and noble right down the street with a twice weekly story time in their kid area which has a train table, toys, a stage (for preaching according to Em ha) and they literally let the kids play with all the toys and books as long as they put them back…Barnes and noble is Sophie’s savior ha, plus, free WIFI and a star bucks cafĂ© inside…seriously, Jesus loves me.SO much has happened in the four short months we’ve been here, I don’t even know how to write it all.. So I’ll just start from here. For those who aren’t part of our church… we moved to Chico with the only motive of starting a church. It was crazy. We’ve started bible studies in our home every Wednesday and Sunday night and we’ve seen about 24 people saved, 8 come regularly, four fall away, 8 more replace the four… its been one of the most incredible experiences I have ever lived… in four months we’ve felt like we’ve accomplished and been through years and years of living.Pioneering is whole different ballgame. Its like…playing t-ball then suddenly you’re playing in the major leagues and you’re scared to death and pretty sure you won’t even round first base and that every swing will be a strike, then miracle of miracles, God is your pitcher and throws balls you can hit, some you cant but he lets you try again…sometimes he even throws underhand just so you can feel small victories…then when you’re ready he throws a hard curveball and your heart is pounding, your palms sweaty, your mind is racing and you think, I’ll never hit that, in fact I cant, I think I’ll just duck and cower, your legs are shaking and all you can see is the failure in front of you and you can only feel your heart in your throat… but in slow motion… you watch yourself swing and man…when you hit that grand slam, hear the crack! Of the ball connecting with the bat, feel your shoulder ache with contact… watch that ball fly out of the ball park and someone in the stands finally gets it… it’s a feeling you’ll never understand until it happens, you see the failure cower in the field arms over its ugly head, see the heavens stand to their feet in the stands, feel your heart break with victory…its truly…joy unspeakable.

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Mackenzie Rice said...

awwwww cutsie blog!!;) glad ya started one! prayin for you guys daily hope all is well:)