Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Meet EyeBob

Okay...So Emry is a different little girl...where Mailey is dainty Emry is tough, Mailey breaks Emry pushes back, Mailey cries, Emry get the picture. Emry is my little tomboy and three weeks ago she got into our arts and crafts box and found this googly eye and for some reason I still haven't figured out, she fell in total head over heels love...she calls it her eyebob and it goes into every pocket every day and under her pillow at night. Its bizarre. I thought it was just a phase, but its been 3 weeks and eyebob is still the first thing she looks for, and today we lost it and she cried the whole way home until we found it hiding in her highchair...silly silly little did I live without her?


Patti said...

I'm so happy you made a blog, I always ask everyone how you guys are doing, and now I can just check your blog:) You picked the background I keep thinking about using too...great minds think alike;) When are you due? I thought it was around my due date. Are you feeling ready? I AM!! say hi to John from us.

Mackenzie Rice said...

ha what a funny em;)

Des said...

That is so cute, googly eyes are pretty rad!