Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Today is Johns birthday, he's 26, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE!!!!!!! So, I know this is an open forum, but I cant let today pass without bragging about my incredible husband, and since its his birthday...well...hope its not too sappy for you.
I am lucky. No, I am incredibly blessed beyond what I could have ever imagined in all my girlhood dreams and reasonings. I am married to John Foley.
I remember the very first day I met him; I was six years old and his parents had just taken over the McMinnville Church, mine were pastoring in Kaiser and they were coming for dinner...I had already heard from the girls at church that the new pastors son was the cutest haha, and I remember peering out of the living room window as this very serious, very very cute boy walked up the drive. And I rememeber him leaving and thinking to my little self, I will marry him. And I did.
We have been through so much, so many storms and so many beautiful days, heartache, dreams that didn't quite come true, battles that seemed bleak on so many fronts, but here we are, dreams still in tact all the battles accounted for and so far no one lost. And its all because I married John.
I know Sophie, I know ME, I know how incapable I am and how easily I could run and hide, but this man I married, he never does, he never runs, he always looks the next hurdle square in the eye and says, when we get over this one I promise I'll still love you...and it has changed me.
Gods love has changed me beyond what man ever can, but here in mortality, in the land of the fallible, John's love has changed me, and saved me, and dignified me...and captured all of my heart.I am so in love...
I don't dare try to capture his character in words, just know, there are men, and there are good men, and John is the goodliest man I've known. How I managed to trick him into marrying me, I'll never know, but Jesus must surely smile on me to give me such a treasure. I know his heart is mine, and so long as I live, I will keep it very very safe in mine. I love you John..Thank you so much for being a father I could only dream about, for being a husband I only thought was in fairy tales, and for being the captain of the boat that is our family, in these waters that look so dark and scary, you always see the sun..and I could never love you more for that. Happy Birthday.