Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fashionistas part deux...REVISED

So I got these "sunglasses" at target for a buck..oh the joys of cheap fun. The girls have had a jolly good time playing with them..although I must admit I'm doing a mental countdown until they break. My guess is next week is D-day. Here they are in their swim suits, don't ask me why they're wearing them; its pouring outside and gray as sin...ha..i feel like using all my old lady phrases today if you don't mind. (and a picture of Rea, just for kicks)


Anonymous said...

ha gray as sin?? you gonna start saying that ha...this made me miss them their dorkyness is missable! wheres the picture of rea rea?
p.s i miss those target runs ;(

papanana said...

Way supa koooool.... I just got new glasses maybe they will let me join the club... but like Illy said.... where"s Rea?

Lacy M said...

Rea is the perfect mix of Mais and Em! So beautiful! I'm loving those shades too!