Monday, September 27, 2010

Child Labor

HA! Just kidding, it wasn't child labor (well...sorta). Mailey made dinner tonight! whoop whoop! My crafty dreams of enforcing child labor, are slowly taking shape....and as I twist my hands with barely contained glee...whoops! just kidding! wow, where did that come from?!?!
Mailey has always loved helping in the kitchen, and tonight I decided to let her help with dinner. We made Curry in a Hurry from the infamous kitchen of Patti Rice. And dude. You gotta make this recipe. Its quick, cheap, easy and look! Even a four year old can do it!!!
Okay, I pre-measured everything and De-boned a chicken and made rice (Tia Rosa makes tortilla bread, which is incredible with this dish...almost like naan) and get the picture. But it was so darn cute! When we sat down to eat, Mailey could barely contain her glee, she had the biggest, cheesiest grin on her face waiting for our first bites, and then when we lavished her with praise, she seriously swooned she was so proud. It was darling. I must do it again.
Here's the pictures, first the carefully measured ingredients, then Mailey covering her eyes as she sautéed onions (ha!!!) and then the results :) Yes I let a four year old work over a hot stove. But it was on a very medium low and I was right there constantly reminding her the oven could fry her fingers off if she touched it. Just know, she was not even about to get close :)
The pictures were taken with my phone, hence the annoyingly low quality. I really need to recharge those darn batteries...


Pressed Petals said...

I'm all for child labor! heehee! she is just too cute!

Destiny said...

That is so fun! what a good story (:

Mackenzie Rice said...

way da go lil girl..mamas training u real early i see!! thats what my mum did. ahem. love that last pic of her :) :)