Saturday, September 18, 2010


Have you heard of Small? the magazine? Its delightful! Its a free online publication that is seriously, seriously, darling.
I think I first read about it on Amy Karol's blog, the angry chicken; and have subscribed to read every issue since!
If you're a mum, and love Ikea and Etsy...well this is for you! Its different, innovative, quirky, whimsical...the list goes on and on...seriously, if Ikea and Etsy had a baby (what?!) this is what it would look like :)
Here's the link! let me know what you think! My commenter's have been ve e e e e ry quiet lately...I'm beginning to wonder if I need to beg haha..seriously, do I?!


Patti said...

I'm only silent because home schooling has begun- i lurk here all the time, i do, i do!!

Danielle said...

people don't understand our need for comments... I mean seriously... who wants to keep posting pictures and writing words if no one is reading or looking?!?! Why can't people understand that comments are importnant!?!? (:

love you girly! hope you are coming to the rally. hope you're bringing your sweet girls so my sweet girls can meet them!