Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ladies and Gentleman...

Meet the gorgeous and incredibly talented Lacy Myers.
If you've read my blog, you know that Lacy is my best friend. Truly. This girl is amazing. We've known each other since elementary school, in fact, I remember when she came back from private school, and at recess sitting on the monkey bars listening to her tell me, alyssa, tristin, melissa phillips....all of us girls, all the crazy stories of what went on there.
It was epic.
But we were never really friends all our school years. Lacy is the fun, bubbly super outgoing one. She's always been the one laughing and writing on her self with sharpies and being quirky. For some reason in high school, I couldn't stand her. ha. serious, I couldn't, and she really wasn't too keen on me...I was blunt, said whatever I was thinking, hated giggling and was pretty moody. I know, hard to imagine.
If you would've told me in high school that Lacy would become one of my closest, dearest friends; my best friend in fact; I would've laughed and thought you were crazy. But its true. She is.
As we overcame the curse of being a jerk teenage girl (insert giant laugh), we began to realize how much we were alike, and how our differences really went well together. She came to my wedding, where I stoically never shed a tear, I went to hers, and grinned my head off while she sobbed outrageously loud all the way down the ever-loving aisle. We've had all three of our babies just months apart, and lost babies and grieved together...We've loved Jesus and prayed with each other, We've been the shoulder each other cried on, the friend I've laughed with most, the mother who I feel most comfortable sharing my regrets, my fears, my downfalls with... mean the world to me...I would never want to have weathered the stormy waters of motherhood and domestic venture, without you. What a better world mine is, because I have you in it with me.

And ladies and Gentleman, did I mention this girl is INCREDIBLY talented?! no? well she is, like seriously a rockstar. She is the one who got me to start sewing, I canned my first jar of preserves with her, and embarked on so many crafty experiments because of this lovely lady. And now she's started a blog. Before you roll your eyes and moan that I'm asking you to check out another blog, please please check her's out. You'll be in love I promise. She does the greatest tutorials and the has the coolest ideas...she's a treasure chest when it comes to creativity! And now she's sharing it with everyone! so quick quick! go check it out!
its And don't believe her header, she is totally a MASTER of everything she does, as her friend I must admit its hard not to feel that weird competitive jealousy sometimes because honestly, how can someone be SO FREAKING GOOD at everything?!?!?! okay, whew, glad to have that off my chest ha ha ha...kidding.
I'll finish with some darling pictures of her kiddo's.
Please allow me to introduce you to the craziness which is Sophia Paige (my little namesake!! BIG GRIN :) )
The tenderhearted Solomon Jude, affectionatly, Solly
And the darling, squishable, kissable bundle that is Addison Bean, more appropriately, Bean :)

They are all just months younger than mine...and I love them like my nieces and nephew :)
Now go check out her blog HERE! GO! GO!


lacy myers said...

You are WAY too sweet. I'm so blessed to have you for a friend!! And I'm embarrassed....that's a huge picture of me!

I love you tons and miss you more!

Toby K. said...

Soph, your friend is a genius!! I read through her whole blog, with at first (honestly) a slight bit of skepticism...and them WHOA! I was blown away. That cake in a chinese take out box is- Absolutley Fabulous; and those spongebob krabby paties! So Sticken Cute!
Oh goodness I should stop now cause I could go on forever. But thanks a bunch for sharing her with us, I'll defentley be making appearances on her blog from now on :]