Friday, October 29, 2010

It was one of THOSE days...

Do you ever have one those psycho, mama has gone off the deep end, children you better run for your lives, type of moments?
I had one of those yesterday.
We live in a modest three bedroom apartment. I love it. But its an apartment, which means all of our storage is whatever we can stuff in the closets. And I am a hardcore, anti-clutter freak, I really really can't function in chaos. My friend Anne (of alamo fame) once made the comment, that she thrives in chaos. I envy her. I do. Because I really, really really reallllllly DON'T! Its an issue.
Anyways, I don't really like my kids having load of toys because I hate the mess they make, and if you're like me, you end up just tossing everything in big heaps back into the toy box most days, because you don't feel like sorting and re-organizing for upteenth time. But they do have a fair amount of toys, and mostly the mess is their toy kitchen. Their kitchen is one of my favorite things they have ever received; its all wood, pink and very retro...and a couple months ago I got a ton of wood food and appliances for super duper cheap. So its a great toy. But lots of parts.
About two weeks ago, I painstakingly organized all the parts and put them in labeled ziploc bags. And the kids were given strict orders, that if they did not return each part back to the bag it came from...well...a monster might steal their soul while they sleep. just kidding. I didn't say that. Almost though.
Yesterday afternoon, right before nap time, I finally got Reagan to stop screaming, and biting, and headbanging (I kid you not, she does all of that when she is fighting her sleep) and take a freaking nap. I went to go tell Mailey and Emry to do the same...and found that somehow a bomb had gone off in their room, tossing every single toy and clothing article from the closet onto their floor along with all of reagans socks and shoes.
I lost my mind.
I stood their like a crazy person, eyes bugged out and teeth clenched while my children...stood smiling nervously from the corner wondering what was happening to their mother.
I seriously contemplated scooping up every single thing on the floor and throwing into the dump right then and there, in fact I think I may have threatened it. But instead, I told them I was throwing away everything that looked like junk and that I didn't like, because if this is how they were going to treat their stuff, well, I'm sure there's a giant trash can who would love to eat it all.
I told you, I went off the deep end.
So I hurled around their room like a nut case...I dumped every single toy into a pile in the middle and separated them into four categories...big items worth keeping for the bucket, stuffed animals worth keeping for the white crate, kitchen stuff worth keeping for the magenta crate, and other stuff worth saving for the green one. Everything else? trash.
Mailey stood morosely in the doorway saying sad goodbyes to whatever was tossed in the trash bag, she would sigh and tilt her head and mournfully say "goodbye ugly kitty my mommy hates"..I almost laughed. almost.
Emry got in on the action and started picking up whatever she could grab and bring it over all excited and be like "THROW THIS AWAY MOM! AND THIS! AND THIS!" was hilarious.
Mailey finally piped up through her toy funeral fog, and said "Mom, you're acting crazy".
I seriously was in a fervor by now...because I just wanted these darn kids asleep...I never get all three asleep at the same time...and I was desperate to make it happen...but this little comment stopped me in my tracks..I started cracking up and we all agreed, mama was acting like a crack head. So, toys were put away nicely, a giant stuffed trash bag was fed to the hungry hungry dumpster, and the children were sent off to nap or else I would really throw everything away.
Here's the after shock. ha ha. clean room, three sleeping beauties...and one mother who had  a moment of startling insanity and enjoyed the results...I'll have to have meltdowns more often.

just kidding.

 The toy tote (still so messy, but alas..)

 The room from the door...ah sweet I love you.

Mailey sleeping on my bed...or else her and Emry talk and talk me into another crazy meltdown.
The reaganizer...don't let this picture fool you..this blissful nap lasted...ten minues. sigh.

Emry best little napper EVER!

The magic crates that saved all the toys from oblivion. Thank you target for being cheap. And for having great taste in products. My children thank you.

The end.


Kelly Marin said...

Hahaha This was a great post! Boy have we all been there.

Danielle said...

o my gosh you are me!!! ha! I can TOTALLY TOTALLY RELATE! I don't chuck as much anymore since I've purged several times already - now everything is sorted and stored at the top of their closet or the back of their closets where they can't reach... and every once in a while I'll get something out and they'll think it's new toys since they haven't seen it in a while! and my kids have turned into PACK RATS where they just fill a bag, purse, pillowcase w/ every small toy they can find and truck it through the house to explode somewhere else! I keep putting more and more toys up since I'm so sick of them doing this. Yesterday they filled their bags w/ books - all the books off the toy shelf! since I've pretty much taken away all the little things! p.s. my girls have the same kitchen as your girls

Mackenzie Rice said...

oh ma GOODness i cant stop laughin..."goodbye ugly kitty that my mom hates" HAHAHA. that child. hilarious. i have those days and im not even my sibling's mom...oops! ;)