Friday, October 29, 2010

Mon Petit...

Okay. Mon petit it little...todays has a very special memory attached to it...When I was growing up, I had this journal, and I would write to my mum about all my little troubles and thoughts, and she would write me back. I loved it so much, I really really loved it. I had an incredible mother who would listen and not force me to be exactly what she wanted, but she let me know my boundaries, she would sit back and let me dress like a nerd put make-up on like a clown, foof my hair like an absolute geek...and never make me feel dumb or ugly (although I think she may have tried to convince me on a few occasions that perhaps having a very orange face wasn't as cool as I maybe thought ) She would let me be me and one of the things I loved most was that little journal writing we did...a couple years ago I found my journal, and I had to laugh at the stupid, petty little things that were bothering my young self, and what I loved more, was that John was in there. I was mad at him, but to be sure, it was feigned, because I've had a mad crush on that boy since I was six...but I was journaling to my mum even way back in middle school about this cute mean boy who loved to antagonize me. This mailbox tutorial made me think of that...I want to make one for each girl, and when they can, I want them to leave me letters, and I'll reply...and I'll save all those letters in special boxes, so when they're all grown up they read back through them, and cry and smile and know their mama loved them so much.

Fabric Mailbox tutorial

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Danielle said...

cute idea!!! I've been meaning to call you. Just can't ever seem to find time. But it's on my to-do list! The longer I do foster care the more I think of what you must've gone through with Casie's kids. Breaks my heart. Just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you today and I will call during nap time someday soon!!! love you and I am praying for you!!