Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A prayer for The Savior

Today, as we were driving back home, we passed an apartment complex that was once familiar.
Mailey yelled out "Mommy! That's Jacks house!"
Distracted and tired, I sorta glanced over and gave a complimentary, mmmhmm.
A few minutes went by, and I saw Mailey staring deep in thought at me in the rearview mirror.
"What are you thinking about MaiMai?"
"Jack doesn't come to church anymore mama."
"I know love, I'm sorry."
"How come?"
"I don't know baby. Jack's having a hard time."
"But Jack loves Jesus right?"
"Right now Jack thinks he doesn't"

Long pause. Then as we got home, Mailey asked if we could pray for him. So I said of course we could and bowed my head and waited for Mailey to begin praying for Jack. This is what followed.

"God, I want to pray for Jesus right now. God, I'm just sorry Jack doesn't love Jesus, please tell Jesus to not be sad. And I just want Jesus to not have hurt feelings and I'm sorry Jack isn't nice right now. Please help Jesus not to cry and help him love Jack still."

She wanted to pray for the King of all Kings...the risen One... the Lamb slain for the sins of the world. My darling little daughter could only think that it must hurt Jesus terribly that Jack would turn his back on Him; And in her deepest sincerity, she did the best she could for him. She prayed for Jesus.

And I sat there, a grin on my face, tears in my eyes and an aching heart.


Destiny said...

Awwww that is so sweet!!

Miss Drea said...

Wow, that is incredibly touching. Makes me feel ashamed to constantly come to God with only my complaints and worries, barely stopping to consider how we can touch and sometimes hurt Jesus, the one who died for us. May we never throw away the sweet wisdom of the young. =) Give that darling dear a thank you kiss for me.

Danielle said...

out of the mouth of babes. what a precious memory!

Mackenzie Rice said...

thats the sweetest thing ever. ohmygoodness!!

mrmeadowlark said...

Wish to God that we adults, everywhere, could be more like this little one.... no more wars, no more murder, no more abortion, and maybe, just maybe, more people would love Jesus if we were all a little more childlike.

Sophie Boph said...

AMEN GARR! This little prayer has been resounding in my heart ever since. And Andrea, yes, it made me feel so small that I never consider Jesus in all of these sad things...I pray for the individual but never realized this also broke God's heart. wow..wow..wow

Pressed Petals said...

what a sweet heart she has.

Patti said...


You are so blessed with those girls, Soph!

Thank you for your kind words today on Lily's blog:) Made my day.

Janet Foley said...

My darling Mailey . . . how can you have this heart, this understanding, this depth? You are only four years old! My Word!!! The Kingdom of God is as this little child, as Jesus said, tenderly holding them to Himself. Could the issue of Jack's heart be any more clear?. . . . I love you Baby Girl! You have touched my soul tonight.

Grammy Janet

Keri Jo said...

DOn't you wish you could freeze them at some ages and stages in life? Especially the innocent age. THis is the sweetest story I've heard! I'm convicted :)