Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Do you ever?

Do you ever have a chat with your child in the bathroom, where you re-introduce them to mr. spoon, tell them to sit and wait for you to come back......then totally forget they're there?

As I type, I can hear Mailey in the bathroom behind me singing and talking to her imaginary friends, because fifteen minutes ago I  told her to wait for me to come back and think about what she did while she waited. My where did the time go?!
Hmm....I'm sort of enjoying the peace. And besides, she seems to be enjoying herself as well...perhaps I'll leave her there?
Nah...okay, off I go to rescue her from the bathroom. I think Em needs to go potty anyway.


Patti said...

haha yes...i have also had my kids remind me "you were going to give me a spanking, i'm waiting!" they just wanna get it over iwht and go play, lol!

Kris Altringer said...

Just did that today!! Drew sat in there for about 30 min. figured that was punishment enough. :)