Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mon petit

CHRISTMAS IS COMING! CHRISTMAS IS COMING! okay..I know we still have thanksgiving, and I do love thanksgiving..but nothing, NOTHING, steals my heart and soul so completely like Christmas. It embibes so completely the essence of joy, family and enraptured glee. I honestly get giddy just thinking about it. If it didn't drive John insane, I would listen to Christmas music year round. I kid you not. So psh to all you party poopers who can't stand us Christmas fiends...I'm starting Christmas postings baby!!!
Here's a fun twist on the advent calendar concept...

A baby sock advent calendar from my favorite jail bird :)


mrmeadowlark said...

Yeah, I love christmas too.... and especially Christmas music (old-time country western and bluegrass style of course).... I have adopted a rule about it tho.... not till the day after Thanksgiving lol.... and then I will usually play Christmas music throughout my radio shows all december long, and then do an all-out christmas music show the thursday before christmas.... I always enjoy sharing what I have collected thru the years with people, and I think sharing is a part of the christmas spirit... I really wish we could maintain that spirit all year long.

miranda said...

meee too!
My goodness everyone thinks i'm strange for it being my fav!I love everything about that holiday