Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mon Petit

Ohmigoodness. how awesome is this tent?!?!! Its INCREDIBLY AWESOME in case you're wondering. Or perhaps you're just too blown away and at a loss for words..ha ha. And It looks incredibly easy, which adds to the awesome factor..

You can find the tutorial HERE at this darling blog with lots more fun to browse through!
Speaking of fun, and since I forgot yesterdays...Do you love Circus Animal cookies as much as I do? I mean, c' can you NOT?! They're one of those snacks you get for your kids because they're whimiscal and nostalgic, and then suddenly you're popping one in  your mouth, but wait! Maybe a pink one too, just in case it tastes different from the white...and purple....and whoops the bags gone. sheesh. what is wrong with ME!? Okay, thats never happened, but I DO find myself eating them with my kids and wondering why in the world am I, a grown woman (ahem, yes I am thank you very much) eating circus cookies with a four year old and grinning...
Now I can make my own. WHOO!!!

You can find the rather remarkable recipe HERE!

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Kelly Marin said...

OH I love those circus cookies too! I just bought some for my kids to take to school in their lunch and found myself sneaking them.Ha-Ha.