Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween photos...three days late!

I've seriously slacked off. sigh.
Okay...My mum MADE the girls was incredible. I loved these flower fairy costumes on Catching Fireflies, but, they cost about $60 big ones each. um no. So my creatively genius mother whipped these beauties up and brought them with her. I'm going to try to take better photos again outside, but these were the only ones I got on the actual dress up day ( we skipped doing anything on the ACTUAL day of halloween...but had two harvest parties prior)
Aren't they beautiful?

Reagan had the cutest little tutu and wings but she kept eating her tutu. Hopefully I can get some good ones outside...
okay...this kid poses for pictures. what is UP with that?! She looks like an awkward 10 yr old. ha ha ha

Don't you love the flower in the back!?! (in case you're wondering each costume cost about 12 bucks!)

(except for reagans...that was prolly about 3)

Mailey's was so perfect, totally caught the essence of "Mailey".
and now for Emry...
Emry's attempt at smiling like a flower

Her response to "flowers are happy!"

Aren't they darling? Thank you SO MUCH mama...I can't believe you did this for me! And I had no clue! what a lovely, beautiful, kind surprise. I promise to take better outdoors pics...then they'll truly look like flower fairies..


Danielle said...

They ARE darling!! So so sweet!! What a precious gift!

Kris Altringer said...

They look straight out of TinkerBell!!

Naomi Rice said...

Wow! I am jealous! I love their costumes... they are so beautiful.. It makes me tempted to make my kid's costumes next year, I will have to get your moms template!!