Saturday, July 30, 2011

It's a small world after all...

My heart is so full and aching right now...I can't wait to see Mailey and Emry after a week of them being gone...where have they been you ask?
Well....quick! Go check HERE to find out!!!!! Go! Go!
And in case you need more prompting...Here are a few pictures to wet your appetite...Go look through the last four posts...they'll give you a giant dose of joy to get through your day!

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Kelly Marin said...

I Love Disneyland! How cool your girls got to go, I'm sad you didnt!Its only an hour and a half away from me, if I had passes I would go everyother week, but I don't for that reason haha. Great Pictures! Doesn't it seem so quiet in your house without them there. My two oldest have spent the summer with my parents in Tempe and its wierd!