Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Adventures with Reaganizer and Em-deezy

Mailey started school this Monday, and I really should be blogging about it...but when I finally do it I know I will cry and cry just typing through that day. It was surprisingly, waaaaaaayyy more emotional for me than I had expected...but look for it tomorrow k? SO!'s a fun little video of Emry and Reagan rough housing during the day. They're becoming so much closer now that Em doesn't have Mailey to play with....definitely bitter sweet.


aly win said...

aw here i am in our broken ac house thats 87 degrees at ten at night and so its too hot to eat dinner so im munchin on this salad right ... well i figure i better stop by blogger land and low and behold some fine ladies are there makin a movie ! it was sooo cute ! i realized midway in i was so into it that i had stopped chewing and was watching intently mouth open and smiling... and full of lettuces. oh boy. i cant wait to see u guys !

lacy myers said...

:) I love those girls! They are getting so big! I just love how Emry talks---like a mini adult :) I can't wait to hear about Mais school--Soph starts on the 6th! Can you even believe out baby girls are in school!?

Kelly Marin said...

Awwww. that was so cute.