Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Called for a time such as this

Somtimes, the fight to build a church is an incredibly weighty, confused one. But then, then we are given moments like this that give us clarity and a deep deep joy to be so wholly used by God...I will tell the story of Jack soon..but for now..a picture and video of his very public baptism...and a poem I wrote last week when everything seemed so hard and I realized...who ever said it was easy? Is not the toiling and work, part of what makes the reward so sweet? anyways...more to follow...


Sometimes this life is painful,
it torments and affords no grace
But in the midst of painful toil,
I sense the smile on my Savior face.
A silent nod, a grateful sigh
His servant toils as His Son draws nigh.

The field is plenteous, but the fruit is spoiled
resisting the labor as good plans are foiled;
The harvest bows down, away from the hands
that gently work, and work o'er the Land

The rain and the snow make the worker's grow small,
but stand up! Oh stand up!
Arise to the wall!
Blow your trumpets, and shout His name
watch brick and mortar crumble
as demons fall lame.

Stand, be victorious,
you don't toil in vain
you're fighting, you're winning for the Lamb that was slain.
So fight and go onward,
the Word can be trusted.
The Father has smiled upon us,
His Beloved.


Kelly Marin said...

Very nicely written. Thank God for those moments of victory, they definitely keep us moving forward.

Danielle said...

tears to my eyes. so true. and no one knows it better than you. praying for you daily (just got done w/ my EARLY morning prayer ritual I started last week!) Thanks for sharing your mom's blog again! I went back and read some older posts - they ministered to this momma who struggles to have her act together (: What a blessing to read from your mom's perspective, kinda a "been there, done that" look back on the struggles we 'younger' mom's now face. I love it! I wish my mom would do something like that!