Monday, August 16, 2010

Mama Mia

For those of you who are super cool, you already follow my mum's blog (insert big cheesy grin)(this picture is from their trip to Yap a few years ago..aren't my parents beautiful?! of course they are, they made me. haahahaha..whew..what a jokester I am...)
BUT! For those of you still in the dark to the amazing writer that is my must read her blog! Especially this post..mmm...I love reading her writing...If you had kept a journal all your life mum, I would be in heaven and you would be a God. alas...I must live vicariously thru the bits and pieces you share with the world, and the secret things only children know. I love you. I love your writing. I love that I have part of you in me. I love that you raised me. I love that I am your phia mia. I love being crazy, artistic, and stoic, like you...with a little (okay A LOT) of papa grumpy mixed in (DO NOT TELL HIM I CALLED HIM PAPA GRUMPY!)

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PapaNana said...

phia you are so funny...thank you for the advertisement....I think. By the way that trip to Yap was just a little over a year much has happened since then... especially in your life this past year...can't wait to see you and those crazy artistic and sometimes...but oh so rare... grumpy babies of yours.